Submission... Help Em Jesus

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Hey Guys!!!! 

I'm super excited to chat with you all regarding this topic this morning. I was sitting here after the Keenya Kelly Morning Show and having breakfast when I stumbled upon this video with Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. 

************Whatever your opinion is on their relationship, its not valid here********

At first I found it hard to watch them because of the modesty controversy, but I realized that it was just a ploy to get me to judge them and not learn what I needed to learn from them. So my prayer is that you will look past what you THINK, and allow this message to bless you. 

So in this video Meagan talked about the challenges she had with submitting to her husband. She shared that it wasn't because he wasn't worthy of being submitted to, its just that her past, how she had to take control of her life herself and more than likely the fear or relinquishing control had her struggling in her marriage. 

So I write this post asking you this question: 

How do YOU feel about submission?

Now you don't have to answer this question in the comments or anything, but really sit down and think about it. We all desire a husband or a wife and say I can't wait for him to take the lead, I can't wait to be able to talk to my wife about everything and become this POWER COUPLE... but the power is truly in your relationship with Christ and willingness to obey God which includes the typical curse word submission

I remember in my previous marriage where I was gung ho about submission, but I realized early on that what Cornelius Lindsay calls it, "False Submission." I would say of course, yes that sounds amazing, lets do it, but secretly thinking... dude you're such an idiot I'm not doing that. Now I didn't call him an idiot, but you guys know what I mean.  However, I later realized the VALUE of being willing to submit to your spouse was an amazing blessing to you, your spouse, your marriage and your ministry. 

Even now, I know that God has been REALLY talking to me about getting re-married, my calling and having children in the near future.. if my sister is reading this she is probably saying...
 "OMG Keenya, I can't see you pregnant." Get over it Tiffany, its coming, sooner than later!! 
HAHAHA (I love my sister) 

With this conversation God and I are having I've begun asking for Gods help with submission to this new someone, when he appears. Why am I asking now? Because God can begin to download things into me, ways that I need to submit to God and areas I am going to have to submit to my husband. Like I'm no fool, I'm OK at business, but I have NO DOUBT..... this man is going to come along and rip my businesses and business practices to shreds and instead of fighting him and making it take longer than it needs to, I can begin working on some things NOW!! 

I've talked to God about FOOD! I know you're like what? FOOD?!? Yes FOOD!! You see we all like what we like, cook how we cook or don't cook, but when you enter into marriage you are going to have to cook according you TWO vs just you. He may not like the way I cook my eggs, he may not like how unorganized the fridge is, or that I wash clothes and leave them on the dryer for weeks at a time... or that my bathroom counters always have a million and one things on it... 

So with that in mind, I've begun saying God.. teach me how to submit to him, before I even know who he is. Teach me how to clean, cook and shop for him before we ever meet. Help me deal with the massive ego that I have, help me to be at peace with being vulnerable to him. Help me to accept him as he is and not try to make him into who and how I want him to be. Help me to surrender MY way of doing EVERYTHING for OUR way of doing it. 

Is it easy? NOPE!!!! 

But if you desire to have a healthy marriage and submit to a REAL Man of God... you should consider some of the things Meagan discusses here and begin having this real talk conversation with God. He loves you and he loves him.. if you start by trusting God and submitting to God wholeheartedly now, it will make the transition into marriage just a little bit easier. 

Watch below, I pray it blesses you. 

Until Next Time.... XOXO