Just Do It Keenya...

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... Excerpt from the book "The Wait"

I'll never forget the feeling of "If I don't sleep with him, I'll lose him."

Has anyone ever felt like that? The pressure you feel is insurmountable, but what do you do when the pressure isn't from him, but from so-called friends and family?

That's my story...

Ill never forget visiting someone and right before exiting the house the "person" said,
don't wait too long Keenya. I turned around and said huh?

They said, if you don't someone else will!!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was someone that should have seen my virginity as sacred as I saw it or greater... this was someone I thought I was EXTREMELY loved by and they LOVED Jesus.. so I thought. 

How could they tell me that?

How could they place such high value on him and such low value on me?

 But the truth is, this wasn't the first time I heard that... growing up I heard it A LOT and I mean A LOT. I even went to see my pastor once and he said "If you do it, God will forgive you."
I left there so hurt, shocked and disappointed. I wanted him to encourage me not to do it, to tell me how beautiful I was and my virginity was... not well if you do it, you'll be forgiven... because I didn't want to do, but my so-called friends and this other person was trying to convince me otherwise..

So guess what happened? 
There were times when I felt like well I probably should do it, because if I do,
I will keep him right?!?


A man that loves God will place a high level of value on sex just as much as you do. Although sex is GREAT, someone that really loves God won't leave you if you don't do it, but won't even bring it up trying to convince you to do it. Now I'm not saying he or she won't ever get weak... but just as you are hearing God talk to you providing you with ways of escape, they will also be hearing from God as well.. and will run like Hussain Bolt in an effort to please God. 

So what am I saying?

There's someone reading this and you are asking yourself if you should just do it... and I want to be that ONE voice telling you, NO YOU SHOULDN'T!!!

Everyone wants to have sex including you... BUT sleeping with them won't make them stay... because when you finish, they may just pick up and go home that night. 

Have faith in God that he has an amazing man or woman for you that will not only wait to have sex, but will place as much of a value on sex as you do. 

Be encouraged!!

Until Next Time... XOXO