I Went On ANOTHER Date

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Sooooo I posted a blog a while ago about my first date after divorce, and I just want to say thank you so much for all the love and support.. Ya'll be making me feel like I'm famous... or Nah!?! LOL

So, I have lived in Houston for 10 months now and I have to be honest with... I meet A LOT of people!! Well let me just say this... I meet a lot of MEN!!!

Now, I'm no fool... its the booty... let just keep it 100... and this is why MOST people never get my last name so they can't Facebook me, They don't get the digits... so they wont be texting me: Hey, WYD, Send a pic, What you got on.. SMH and they definitely don't get to know where I live... for obvious reasons...

Well today I decided to accept a brunch date with a gentleman. You may be thinking so what made you say yes to this guy and no to all others... main reason was his conversation was very respectful, he talked about God without me bringing him up and he just had a different vibe than the others I have been coming in contact with...

We met at this nice Cafe in town, made me feel like I should've dressed up more the date as I started to park my car, but I said.. welp... he didn't tell me it was like this so my jeans and sweater are gonna have to be ok.

This date was different... he had an agenda and it was VERY clear. He had us sit at the bar so that if the date was terrible we weren't obligated to be there forever and if the date went well we could sit there for hours..

Ladies... he smelled like Jesus had given him a bottle of cologne made by the Holy Spirit... BUHAHAHA!!! I said.. #fixitjesus. But nah, he smelled really nice and instead of sipping on alcohol at the bar he was drinking orange juice.. Chile I look at everything.

He greeted me and told his friend he needed to let him go as I had arrived but not before they had a conversation about singing in the choir at church today. Now it could have been him running game... but the conversation seemed real so I thought that was neat.

As soon as I sat down I felt like he was an old home boy... and for me I prefer that. I don't like awkward dates where I can't be goofy, bold and normal... he was cool right off top.

We talked about God pretty much 85% of the time, our last relationships, where we are now in terms of dating, marriage, work, kids etc... and I learned that he's allergic to cats... poor guy.. he didn't know what to do once I told him I had two cats!! LOL

One thing I loved about the date was our food arrived, mine shortly after his he put his hand out for mine and he began praying over the meal. Note it wasn't a simple prayer, it was as if he was praying about the food, conversation and for God to reveal to him things about me that I wouldn't share on this first date.

I was like oh snap... I done met my match... in terms of being deep. LOL

Oh.. I forgot, he pulled out my chair for me to sit down at the bar too... Good job Bro!!!

We ended up talking for about 1.5 hours and this dude was quite the aggressor.

There was NO QUESTION that he didn't ask that was appropriate for a first date. He made it very clear that he was looking for a WIFE... Not Netflix and Chill and not a long drawn out relationship but a wife. He revealed that he is called to Pastor and is ready and willing when God gives him the green light and wants a women who knows who she is.

I sat there trying to eat my scrumptious Romaine Salad like whoa... this dude ain't kidding!! LOL

Then I had my moment... he said I must say, you are very beautiful as he looked into my eyes, I smiled and blushed saying Thank you very much... Then KEENYA came out... I said Thank you very much, I agree with you 100%!! We both died laughing... I wanted him to know that yes I think I am beautiful, I am glad that you recognize it, but I also know that there is so much more to me than my beauty...

He gave me a high five and said OMG... I know that's right.

Shortly after, he said I want us to go see Captain America, but I know you have other things to do. I just said well I wanted to have this first date, go back and process it and then maybe we will connect another time.

He understood... walked me to my car... making sure that HE walked on the outside towards traffic.. Kudos Bro... and once at my car... I noticed something..

He didn't want to leave... he just kept talking. Finally he says, I don't want you to leave so I just keep talking...

I had another moment... I said... Its ok.. It's the anointing.. LOL!! And we belted out yet another laugh!!!

Now, you may say why are you saying this stuff to him.... Well for a few reasons:

1. That's how I AM!! I am very fun, bold and unapologetic and I wanted him to get that off top
2. I wanted him to know that I am very confident in who I am and I'm not someone hoping to be saved by a man or feels like I can't get a man... but I KNOW who I am
3. I like to get a reaction out of them. I want to see if they can handle me.

I'm not a crazy woman or a handful per se... but I am me.

So why did I share this date with you?

I'm glad you asked... I shared this because there are people out there that have gone through divorce and its been 1-2-10 years and you STILL have not healed and moved on, allowing good men to come along... I want you to know that there IS life after divorce.

It happened and you don't have to walk around where a big red D on your forehead... it is what it is. That old marriage is just that OLD and OVER!! I'm not saying GET OVER IT.. but I am saying GET HEALED!!!!

There is joy, peace and love waiting for you... you just have to decide to move forward.

Do I love dating? NOPE!!!

Because its sitting with someone for 1-2 hours answering all of the same awkward questions over and over, but one thing I recognize is that.. to be married and have a family, at some point I was going to have to say yes to a man... but not every man... just those that are worth that 1-2 hours of my time.

Not sure if I will go on a 2nd date with him, but I did let him know.. Captain America will put me to SLEEP... so we probably shouldn't go to the movies...

Until Next Time.. XOXO