God & The Azusa Now Conference

8:47 PM Keenya Kelly 3 Comments

God is so faithful and he knows when he moves... I tell EVERYBODY!!! 
So over the last year 11, 111, 1111 have been numbers that I see when God is about to move or is moving. I don't always understand it by any means, but when I start seeing it over and over again, I know that GOD is up to something. 
Well a few months back I started receiving emailed prophecies about a move of God happening in Southern California. Honestly, it didn't mean anything to me because God just moved me to Texas, but I kept reading the messages talking about the number 11.  

Well a few months ago on November 11th, 2015 (11/11) a prophet came to me and began talking to me about a few things and shared that I would be traveling to California... it didn't surprise me because Thanksgiving 2014 a prophet told me that I would be in a coliseum in California on stage, but I didn't think it meant anything for me now, but more so for later. 

Well this last Sunday 3/6/16, I woke up with the desire to attend the Azusa Now Conference in Los Angeles on April 9th, 2016. It wasn't weird per se, but I was like well since its on my heart, let me believe God for the provision to go. On my way to and from church I told God in my mind that I wanted to go, but I asked that he would grant me FAVOR with man. I asked that he would grant me favor with my flight, lodging and give me favor with preferred seating at the event... and I also asked him to SEE what I've NEVER seen before while I'm at the conference. 

Well I came home, found the conference on Facebook and clicked "Going" so that I would begin receiving any updates that they may begin to post on Facebook. I also, inboxed a few people to see if they were going and if I could stay with them..

A few hours later, a young lady I've known for a few years commented on where I clicked that I was going suggesting that we meet up for lunch... I said ok GREAT!! We started chatting in a private message when I mentioned that I needed a place to stay. She said she could help me find something and that one of her clients would be speaking at the event, which would give her PREFERRED SEATS.. my jaw dropped open. 

She messaged me back today sharing that I could stay with her at her home at NO CHARGE, she could get me to and from the airport and event... 

Let me tell you something... I know you are reading this and like oh wow praise God... but 

If I can be honest with you, I'm trying my very best not to break down crying as I type. 
The last 2 years have been the HARDEST YEARS OF MY LIFE... I wanted to give up on God, I cursed God at one point... like with literal curse words, but repented 2 weeks later. LOL

I mean, I remember years ago I could ask God for something and he would give it to me, just like that. I would win any contest I entered, I mean it was the most amazing time of my LIFE... 
I felt like I was the only person God loved because it was so awesome...

But to experience the hardest 2 years takes a toll on your spirit. I mean don't get me wrong, I love God, I honor God, I trust God... but its just been challenging. 

Then for this to happen.. is so monumental.

Honestly, its not even the trip, or the free room, or preferred seats... but its the fact that I am constantly reminded that he loves me, has plans for me... even though I am such a ratchet bucket of a mess (meaning I'm far from being perfect LOL) he STILL is going to do great things in and through me. 

So right now, I'm on a fast and so many things are already coming to pass... BUT... I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I step my feet on the ground in Cali and  at that conference, my life will change forever. 

I have NO IDEA what to expect.. no idea but I know God is going to do something amazing and I am honestly HONORED that me of all people, is someone that he wants to be there in the midst. 

Our God is faithful... 
I'm going to go ahead and break down crying now... I pray you will pray about attending the conference too. 


  1. Yes!! God is answering prayers swiftly in this season. Ms.E