Curly Keeper Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Cream

1:04 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Curlfriends, 
  I wanted to chat with you all about some amazing new products I've been using. 

I've tried lots of different products the 5 years I've worn my natural hair and these products right here have proven to really love my curls. 

I started out by washing and conditioning my hair, I then applied the Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner and saturated it throughout my curls.. sectioned of course. 

I then applied the Curl Keeper Styling cream and did a twist set. 

My hair looks better when I allow it to air dry vs sitting under a dryer so I usually let my hair dry 
24-48 hours when I am able to. 

Unfortunately, I don't have my photos of my results, but it my hair was absolutely flawless. Not only that, I was able to keep a nice curl pattern/style for about 5 days before having to re-twist...

For natural girls, thats a miracle ain't it?!?

If you want to try this product out for your or your children, its available now at TARGET 

Be sure to print this coupon so you can get your $5 off too!! LOL

Hair Curly hair... LOL