Making 2016 My Best Year EVER

5:49 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Everyone... Its Me Keenya Kelly...
I know its been quite a while since the last time I posted here, but believe me, I've been overwhelmingly busy breaking out of my cocoon so that I could flourish as a butterly. 
Well let me tell you what all I have been working on. As you know I went to college and obtained a degree in Communication with the ultimate goal be able to flourish as an Entrepreneur. Over the years due to the need to pay rent, utilities and eat 3 meals a day I went back into the workforce. I didn't put my entrepreneurial endeavors on hold or anything, but now devoting 40 hours per week to a job and all of the travel time and energy needed to perform well, my creativity and energy weren't where they needed to be. After moving to Houston, Texas this summer and taking time away from the WORLD to regroup and gain my footing in a new environment I'm back at it and with a vengeance. 

Some days I feel like I am the dude in the matrix with all of my amazing super powers due to all of the creativity bursting out of my and ability to execute... but one thing I realized is this: 

I had been going and going for years and was literally one step away from a break down.. LITERALLY, but praise God for the holy spirit giving me insight and obedience to slow down.. now I am back at it. I added one thing though.. I take ONE DAY a week and do NOTHING!!! Im determined not to get to that point again, so I give myself rest weekly. 

Now onto 2016...

With everything I've been working on in 2015, it has surely set me up for an amazing 2016. I have built so many of my business endeavors without the proper planning and infrastructure, but praises to God, I have begun building all different types of systems. From email marketing systems, to automated social media posts to courses online... this year so many things will be seamless all because of the systems that I took the time out to set up. 

Even with my Network Marketing business. I took a LONG time having a training website built with video content so that my team would have easy access to what they need to build global organizations. 

I realized over the last year that systems not only make life easier for everyone, but it also frees up your time to do what you love to do....

and if you didn't know by now I LOVE MARKETING!!!

This year I am determined to speak on major stages teaching companies big and small how to properly market you and your business.. but in order for me to have the time to do so, I needed to create systems... 

I've created my blueprint for my financial goals as well as igniting the systems needed to make this happen automatically......

Stay Tuned.... I am going to share more of this with you over the next few weeks.