Finding A Church

4:14 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

It's been 2 weeks since I  left Richmond for Houston, and while its been fun shopping for new furniture and learning how to decorate (decorating is not my thing), I must say its been a little exhausting. My whole life I've always been in church, every Sunday, even if I was acting a fool Saturday night. I knew finding a church home would be an adventure because I don't really know anyone here and those that I do know here, probably wouldn't attend the same kind of church that I prefer. Upon my arrival, I started asking Facebook ":Whats a good multi-cultural church in Houston?"
A few times I referred to Lakewood, which is Joel Osteens church and a few people referred me to Bishop I.V. Hillards church, but without going to them, I KNEW that wasn't the church for me. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but I usually have a KNOWING when its my church.

I went to one the Sunday I arrived and while everyone was super duper sweet, it wasn't my church either. This past Sunday I laid in bed and just had a conversation with God.
I said God, I'm not visiting any more churches until you tell me where to go. You are God and I trust you. So I laid around for a few hours then saw an advertisement for an event on Facebook that was going to be taking place in Dallas... it caught my eye because that was absolutely the kind of church experience I was looking for.

I sent a private message to the girl that was tagged in the flyer, but she shared that she had no idea about Houston... of which I understood. I went onto the website of the conference, their facebook page and then took to twitter. I sent a tweet to the most recent person that was on their page and within minutes she responded. She gave me her recommendation for a church and tagged the first lady as well. I thanked her and went onto that church's website and that's when it happened. The holy spirit HIT ME and said this is the church. I read a bunch of stuff on the website and started live streaming the service.

A minister gets up and starts talking about God and the Holy Spirit and honestly, all I could do was weep. I mean weeping on my couch while watching the service from my iPhone... amazing stuff huh?

Well I said OK God Ill go to the next event they have which is bible study this week.

But then something else happened... I didn't pack a lunch today, because I still haven't purchased Tupperware yet, so I look in my apps to help me find a cost efficient place to eat. I head out in the direction of the restaurant when my GPS tells me to turn on THIS street... moments later I look to my left and what do I See... THAT CHURCH!!! I couldn't passed out while driving man... ya know. I couldn't  believe it!! God was not only confirming my moving to Houston again, but where I am to go as a place of worship!!

I decided to grab my lunch and drive back to the church to eat. I sat there for about 25 minutes and after eating, all I could do was weep. Not because I was sad per se, but there's no greater feeling than to be EXACTLY where God wants you to be WHEN he wants you to be there.

You guys have no idea... the TIMING of moving to Houston was NOT what I wanted. NOT AT ALL!

I wouldn't have be bothered about moving him in a  year or so, but NOW!!!!! Honestly, I'm still a little bothered, but I'm an obedient child and God knows best. You guys will catch the rest of that stuff in one of the books coming out. LOL

But yea, I just sat there and cried. Grateful that I not only hear God, that I obey God, but that he has me right where he wants me. And even though I don't understand what's going on.... he has me right where he wants me and there is great comfort in that.

Praise God....


  1. As a Pastor, I can really appreciate when someone talks about connecting to their divine assignment from God,.i.e.knowing from the Holyspirit without doubt that they have found their spiritual home.

    God bless you Woman of God!

  2. Hello Keenya! I'm happy to hear you found a new church home! Glory to GOD! HOUSTON TEXAS, wow! Big city! I met Nicole last week and she recommended I contact you! You're in the same business I know is my wealthy place! I would love to hear back from you at your earliest! I can be reached at;