The 11's Continue...

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement regarding my move to Houston, Texas. I am still adjusting to it all spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, but I'm certain I'll be just find the the months to come... but it's definitely been QUITE the adjustment.... but Jesus is here. Lol.

So, I wanted to update you all on something amazing that happened yesterday, with the 11's of course. For those of you that do not know, I work for Sprint on the corporate business side, and my job is to reach out to companies to get them to switch to Sprint products. Now, Sprint is more than just tablets and phones, we have solutions that track vehicles for companies and a bunch of other stuff. Well, I started back to work  on Monday, and since its the end of the month I figured I wouldn't hit me goal of activating 25 unites, because with transferring and moving there was no way possible, but I figured I could get a jump start on August sales. Monday and Tuesday I spent the day on the phone making calls trying to reach out to people, but Wednesday I decided to ask my co-worker if I could ride along with her and visit businesses in between her appointments.

Well as soon as we got in the car, she began asking questions about me, where I'm from and of course I talked about God and she began recommending churches to me. She of course, tried not to be nosey when asking questions, but I'm fully aware that every opportunity is a chance to minister to someone, so I shared my relationship with God with her... shes a christian but 22 years old.

After her appointment, she looked up companies we could visit and she started driving to the company she looked up. We pull up to the door, and she begins pulling out folders of papers and trinkets to leave behind and I said, well when I go on a 1st call I just come in with my business card, with the intent of getting the contact persons name and number.... so she said OK you go ahead and show  me...
so I said OK I will. We walk in I ask for the contact persons info, and they give me her name and number on a sticky note and I leave my VIRGINIA card with the VA phone number, because I haven't received my Texas cards yet. We leave and hit up more businesses then IT HAPPENED... we start walking towards this office building that I saw from the street that I wanted to hit up and then I saw it 1111. I didn't say anything to my co-worker, but I smiled and just said welp there it is. I get another contact and then we go into their cafeteria to have lunch. As we wait in line, my phone rings a Texas number, of which I thought was Ikea about my office, but it was the lady from the first business I walked into.... THUG She asks me if I'm still nearby and if I could come back or if she could come to my office.... now THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! No one calls you back THAT FAST and requests you to return... LIKE EVER!!! I thought I was gonna faint and my co-worker was in SHOCK. I told her we could return within the hour, heck it was lunch time and I was

I sat down with my co-worker and she was like what in the world just happened. We were both in shock, but I knew it was time for me to tell her the story of the 11's. I even told her about 1111 on the doors on the way to us getting lunch and on the way out she about fainted seeing it, because she hadn't noticed it before.

We head back to the business and when we pull up I see 2 things: 1. Griffin as a name plate on the door, which is my last name and 2. The number 11. Once we got out of the car, I told my co worker to look and when she saw my name is 11, you would've thought she saw a ghost.

Well we take the appointment and this lady is ready to purchase TODAY. Her company is in need of some vehicle tracking TODAY and she was ready to buy. She shares that they operate in 5 cities and each city would yield me about 40 units of sale, which is about $10,000 in commission in EACH CITY!!!!! I was absolutely blown away and my poor co-worker didn't know what to say. We set the appointment for today at 1:30pm cst and look forward to closing the sale today as well.

The best part about this entire experience is my co-worker began asking me questions about my faith, relationship with God and things that I believe in. She asked me my take on music, why old people say she shouldn't listen to "the devils music" like Beyonce when"all she wants to do is jam." Well, I laughed and I said well, sometimes people are too deep for shallow water, they mean well, but they need to be a little more basic when talking to you and not super deep. I explained how satan is a fallen angel and was the minister of music, before I could even finish my sentence she hit me and said OMG I GET IT NOW!!! OMG!!! And that was the end of that... she was so blown away by my simplicity and commitment to God, but I shared with her.. its not easy to obey and to not do certain things, and I'm not 100% on it at all times, but how I am willing.

It was sooo amazing chatting with her and I know more will happen today...

But back to this $10,000 in commission... AMAZING RIGHT!!!!

It was an amazing reminder that I am at the right place, at the right time, IN GOD!!!

Stay Tuned... I'm sure there will be more.