Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap

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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of trying out Get Creamed - Handcrafted Soap, I must say as soon as I opened the package it was an amazingly breath of fresh air. The aroma oozing from the soap was beyond my expectations, to the point where I left it on our dining room table for a few weeks as it added to the classic ambiance while we ate each meal. Weird, I know, but it was an amazing smell. 

You could tell that the bar was made by hand and with love and that it was 100% natural as their ingredients explained. 

Now I knew (1) thing before I tried out the product, I was aware that because it was a natural soap that we weren't going to need to use a ton to get a lather, but also that the bar would evaporate a lot quicker than the soap you purchase at a grocery store. 

I started thinking (before I wet the bar) that the bar was only going to last a few days, so I was already bummed...just to be honest, but I went to work on it. Not only did the bar smell beyond amazing, but the soap felt absolutely amazing on my skin and added a special experience to my shower. 
My husband used it as well and we both agreed the smell and feel were absolutely breath-taking, but as the bar got smaller and smaller we were bummed that we would have to go back to our normal soap. 
We both agreed that the soap was so awesome that we didn't have to use very much lotion as the soap provided us with lots of moisture, beyond any other soap we have previously used. 

The soap is valued at $7.00 per bar of which I believe is worth it, depending on your expendable income. 
If you are interested in purchasing some of her lovely products, you can reach her at:

Final Thoughts:
- Great Soap
- Great Smell
- Awesome Moisture
- Just a little pricey for my monthly budget