Heat Damage...What is it?

10:08 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

No this isn't me, I found it on google! LOL
One of the scariest things in a natural girls life is going to the salon for a blow out and then jumping in the shower and washing our hair, to see if we experienced any heat damage. I know for me, thats the scariest thing ever!! You spend years growing and caring for your naturally curly hair, then one day decide, I'm going to do a length check with a blow out. You hair is super longer than you thought, its bouncing around like the woman from the Herbal Essence commercial and then the day you decide to wash your hair, you panic!!!
I know my stylist is good at what she does and she used extra heat protectant, per my request, but still I was so afraid my hair would look like the young ladies pictured above. But thank God it didn't!!
Check out this link below written by Urban Bush Babes on Heat Damage