15 Days Left For Our Early Bird Special

9:13 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

I'm so excited to host my 3rd year of Return of the Curls events all across the country, this year touring in: Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and California! 
I would have to say that I stay super excited about hosting events in Kentucky since that is where I spent the majority of my life and seeing all of my old friends coming out to support and educate themselves on natural hair care. 
I'm even more excited to head over to Los Angeles this year as this will be my first trip to Los Angeles in a VERY long time and I believe this will be my husbands first time EVER...

I would love to have some of you guys helping us with this years tour, so we are hiring Sales Representatives and bringing on about 25-30 Bloggers/Vloggers to help us along the journey!!

If you're interested please email us at marketing@returnofthecurls.com