My Hair Care Regimen

3:03 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

For the past 4 years I've been pretty much trying everything that comes into my mailbox, due to all of the events...but my scalp has been UPSET and my husband has been quite vocal about me trying new things with my hair!! LOL 

One of the final straws was when we drove down the road an hour and a half away and when we arrived, he made me aware that my hair was now GRAY and looked TERRIBLE!!! 
That was more than enough for me ladies...

Since then I have started back using Eden BodyWork Tea Tree line, as my hair and scalp really loves tea tree and has helped greatly with my dry scalp situation. I try to only shampoo my hair every other week, or sometimes once a month and other times I am co-washing. After I shampoo, I use Eden's Tea Tree Conditioner or sometimes, I use Carols Daughter conditioner, since I currently have some. 
(I co-wash with that as well, or the Eden Body Works line.)
After conditioning, I immediately apply 100% tea tree oil to my scalp, then Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner throughout hair hair. I had gotten away from that conditioner, because the bottle costs $8 and I use a lot on my hair, but I was instructed to purchase from for $13 to receive an even larger bottle with an actual pump. WHOOPPIE!!

I must tell you guys, this conditioner is absolutely amazing, helps with the detangling process SOOOOO MUCH, and it a great creamy conditioner for dry curly hair. 

For soft twists, bantu knots and braid outs, I recently fell for Alikay Naturals 
Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer!! This stuff is SOOOO WORTH ordering online and paying for shipping...REALLY!!
They sent me some to try and OMG I am almost out and will be purchasing a larger container of this. 
My hair feels amazing, looks amazing and my husband seems to love the smell and feel of my hair as well. 

I also, fell for Bobeams Shea Moisturizer!! Its like fluffy, and contrary to other shea products, its not heavy on my hair, nor leak down into my face. 
I usually seal my ends with these same products and to add oil to my hair daily or scalp I use
oil from It has mango, coconut and all kinds of oil in just smells AMAZING!!!

Now, I am open to still trying a few new things, but I hate having not so great hair ya know!! LOL