Thank You

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This morning I woke up with anticipation of seeing all the ZEROS on my blog...and there it was!
It's been quite an amazing journey trying to figure out whats going on with my hair. 
I know you all can relate to doing the Big Chop and then pretty much looking like a "Bald Eagle" and still expected to leave the house looking fierce. 
My Big Chop
My First Frohawk
Now 3 years later, I have hair longer beyond my shoulders, even though I have chopped off about 10 inches over the past 3 years....and growing. 
 This past summer
This past summer
While I am still trying to learn my hair and scalp, I must say that being able to share my journey on a daily/weekly/monthly basis has been one of the most amazing experiences, and to know that you guys were interested in following me on this journey is really priceless. 
I'll be honest with you, I had NO DESIRE to write! None, Zero, Zilch, but God told someone to tell me to write, I thought they were talking fluff so it took me a year to even set up the blog to begin writing, but I'm glad that I did. 
Thank you again for being willing to come  to my blog and also all of your support and encouragement that you guys provide me with via your comments and emails. 
I pray that my Keenya Kelly page will expand and be able to assist you with not only your hair, but all aspects of your life. I thank you, I love you and Pray Gods blessings, peace and joy to be upon you.