Itchy Scalp Update

5:19 PM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

Nothing worse than a hot hair do, and then to have an itchy scalp...right? 
I have been battling this itchy scalp problem for about 6 months, and it looks like we may have figured things out. A friend of mine is a doctor here in Richmond, so I decided to take advantage of a FREE consultation. :). After listening to me, she said it sounds like I have an issue with Folliculitis and that I should go buy some $4 Bacitracin from Walgreens, use for a week and then tell her the results. 
Folliculitis -
After using it for one week it went away COMPLETELY, however, after I washed my hair I noticed just a couple bumps have come back to life, but no where near like it was before. 
So I have decided to wash my hair this week, use the product and alleviate all products in that area except for maybe a light oil. 

Now I know you are probably saying, OMG you gave away all of your products...and yes you are exactly right. But Praises to God, due to Return of the Curls, I am almost fully stocked again!! 

So what is the point of this blog, try different things on you and your scalp before paying all that money for different things, but if your situation isn't getting any better consult a physician. I never would've known what was going on had my friend not talked to me a little bit. 
I'll update you all again, next week once Ive used the product again, but I am pretty sure we have found the little culprit. smh!

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  1. Hi. I have some spots in the back of my natural hair that are itchy, oily, pus-like & scaly. I recently colored my hair w permanent color (i never do this). I shampooed w head & shoulders last week but want to try the bacitracin also. I hope it helps, don't wanna loose my hair now that im in the wonderful world of naturals!!