Curly Nikki Joins Return of the Curls Tour

2:31 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Let me tell ya'll all about this story. 
So you know I started my company Keenya Kelly LLC on February 7th of last year. We were blessed to have a very successful event in Richmond, Va Return of the Curls, with the theme "Taming the Beast." I was blown away by all of the support that we received not only from our local naturals, but from the international companies. AMAZED. The entire time I was praying day in and day out asking God to guide my feet, teach me everything I needed to know, bring me help and bring in these certain companies. He brought in every one of them that I wrote on my tithes envelope. So with planning my 2013 calendar I began talking to him about taking my company to the next level and wanting to provide my audience with more of what they desired. 
I knew that Curly Nikki was not only internationally recognized, but that she has a wealth of knowledge that I and my audience could benefit from...and we all  love taking photos with "celebrities" so I thought she would be a nice touch and a true well as Gods way of being God and being able to do whatever he wanted. So November of last year while paying my tithes I began to write Curly Nikki's name on my tithes envelop in faith that she would be at one of my shows in 2013. On January 20th of 2013, I received an email from Nikki and then a phone call.  Upon receipt of the email, I immediately called my best friend Joi, whom at first when I called shared that she was busy working with her students, but when I told her about Curly Nikki, suddenly she was available. LOL We screamed laughed and acted like Curly Nikki was Michael Jackson, because truth be told in the Natural hair world...SHE IS!!

I then held a telephone conversation w/ Nikki, whom is super humble, sweet, soft spoken and just extremely down to earth....and we officially booked her for our July 13th show in Greensboro, NC. 
The purpose of this post isn't to brag by any means...but I am sharing what is happening in my life as a result of believing God and trying him at his word. He said he would pour us out blessings that we wouldn't have room enough to receive...well Curly Nikki is QUITE the blessing...but I am certain that he has so much more to come. 
I pray that if you are nearby that you will be able to make it out for the event.