Allergic to Coconut Oil

4:09 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

I'm ALLERGIC to coconut oil!!
A few months ago I washed my hair, sealed it with coconut oil and placed my leave in conditioner throughout for a nice wash and go, moments later I couldn't stop scratching my scalp.
 I initially blamed the Beautiful Textures product since it was the newest product to me, so it has taken a while for me to pinpoint the culprit. I used a few other products recently and again scratched my scalp uncontrollably until I rewashed my hair, until I was starting a product review on a new line I received and the SAME thing happened. I looked at the ingredients and found coconut oil, and realized that my scalp is no longer a fan of coconut oil.
I was sooo GLAD to hear that it wasn't Beautiful Textures, because I really love their products and get the most amazing twist outs with their curling pudding.
 I've heard of ladies having difficulties with certain ingredients including shea butter, but never thought I would have any sort of problem, as I have never experienced any sort of allergies in 31 years of living.
How do I feel about this? SAD!!!
 I have a HUGE set of products from Eden Body Works that I want to keep trying and make a video for, but my scalp is quite upset, and I don't want to keep scratching while making the video, but my HAIR LOVES their products.
Over the past 3 years being natural, I never really paid attention to ingredients in products, I just used what worked for me...but looks like that is about to change. I am going to more than likely need to get rid of 50% or more of my products as they have coconut oil inside, but the great thing is I still use Jojoba Oil, EVOO and Castor Oil!!!!