60 Minutes with Keenya Kelly

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Keenya Kelly Speaker Series

Our Vision
We intend to educate new and prospective business owners about starting and managing successful businesses by addressing questions such as;
Where do I begin?
What is a business plan?
How do I manage my brand?
How do I obtain a business license?
Do I need legal counsel?

Our speaker’s series will encourage attendees to develop a strategic plan that will advance their individual career paths and promote successful entrepreneurship.
Through a network of experienced professionals with a proven track record of success, participants will be empowered to discover new business opportunities, begin to take risks, and realize their dreams.
Our Strategy
On January 3rd, 2013 beginning at 6:00pm and ending at 8:00pm, 120 guests will have an opportunity to hear from a panel of experienced small business owners on a range of topics that will cover marketing, web development, business licensing and much more. Attendees will have the opportunity to network as well as purchase items from local vendors.
Our Value Proposition
The Keenya Kelly Speaker’s Series will provide corporate sponsors with the opportunity to invest in community and expand their existing customer base. Sponsorship of this event will allow companies to demonstrate their commitment to a vibrant business community and support the local economy.

Sponsors will receive advertisement on the Keenya Kelly website and all associated marketing material for the Keenya Kelly Speaker’s Series. Through sponsorship, companies will gain increased exposure through the use of the 5,000+ customers served by Keenya Kelly, LLC.

Thursday, January 3rd 2013
Williams Mullen Center
200 South 10th Street
Suite 1600
Richmond, VA 23219

Tickets are $20 and available for purchase via
About the Founder
Keenya Kelly is the founder of Return of the Curls, a national event established to promote physical health, self-esteem and spirituality. Launched in July 2012, this Richmond event assembled nearly 1,500 attendees and provided widespread exposure for local business owners to converge for the purpose of inspiring and empowering individuals to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. Among Kelly’s most notable accomplishments, she serves a youth mentor, tutor and community volunteer. She is a visionary, motivator and a leader who desires to fully utilize her talents to help others discover their full potential. Kelly was featured in the 2005 Success From Home magazine and readily shares her talents and experiences with audiences large and small throughout the nation.