Trunk Show Fashion and Makeup

10:47 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

As I sit here in my bed, working and watching House Crashers, I came to the realization
I have NO IDEA what I am going to wear Sunday, who will do my makeup or my hair
My instinct says just go to Target, find a safe little dress, do a braid out and my own makeup, but I think I am going to go out on a limb. I'm going to get up out of my bed, take a break from working and get to driving to find something to wear for the Trunk Show.
My typical style of dress when I have an event that I don't have to do ALL of the work would look something like this...
But for this event, I would really love to go with something more on the lines of these pics
 Minus the boobs being out

Something like this would definitely be a step in the fashion direction I am taking myself right now...but I need some serious help with this process. Might have to call in reinforcements!!
As for Makeup, I definitely want something different from my normal safe makeup

Ya'll say a prayer for me...not a whole lot of time...but I'm in need of a WHOLE lot of help!!