Seared Tilapia Continued

4:50 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Tuesday night I was REALLY excited about making homemade Pico De Gallo that I went onto Pinterest for a new recipe. Tuesday I ate Tilapia with Pico De Gallo and Fresh Green Beans, and was QUITE pleased with how it came out. I wanted to have it for dinner again Wednesday but had a REALLY busy day and did a lot of eating out. This morning I woke up READY for my pico de gallo, so for BREAKFAST, I ate my tilapia with pico de gallo, over a bed of fresh spinach with an oil based dressing. I probably should've eaten cheerios, but hey..its my food and its sooo much better for me than a bagel, potatoes and sausages.
It was SOOOO good. Next time I need to make sure I cut up my onion a little more as they were pretty big, but even still it was really good as is.
Check out my previous post for the recipe.