Holiday Trunk Show Product Swap

8:36 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

1 WEEK TO GO!!!!
Ladies of Richmond, Va it's almost that time for the Holiday Trunk Show.
 I'm not sure how excited you are, but I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin as we are ready to get together to shop and chill out for the holidays.
But TODAY, lets chat about the Product Swap
What IS a product swap?
A product swap is very similar to finding clothes in your closet that are no longer working for you and exchanging it with a friend for a item you do want. When you participate in a natural hair product swap, what you will do is bring a product (s) that you have used "gently" (meaning not 75% empty) and is free of hair strands place it down on the product table and pick up a product you would like to try.
I have participated in a number of product swaps and I have been VERY pleased by the products I was able to pick up. At this event, it will be a giant product swap if most of the attendees choose to participate. It doesn't cost you anything extra, it actually allow you to get rid of tons of products if you want to and allow someone else to try them.
A few weeks ago, I posted a blog regarding a ton of products that I have here in my home...and I have decided to take A LOT of them and give them away to you all. I mean, with all of the event we host with Return of the Curls, and opportunities we are blessed with, there is NO WAY, I will use all of these you can have them.
So ladies, its time to go through your cupboards and find products to swap!!!


  1. Hey! I read your blog and nominated you for a Liebster award!!

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