Return of the Curls - Holiday Trunk Show

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I'll never forget going natural and having ZERO ideas on what to do with my hair...
until I learned about Nikki Mae of

I had never watched a video on Natural Hair on YouTube before so to break into watching videos seemed like the most overwhelming task of all. There were so  many people to watch, and everyone had their own opinion of what to do...but thank for for Nikkimae.
I found her channel and videos to be very basic, detailed and something I could do.
So I immediately signed up for a YouTube account and decided to follow her until I could figure out what to do with my hair...and to this day I still watch her.
While planning the Trunk Show for this year, I asked myself who would other naturals want to see during the holiday season, if I could pick just one person. I put a poll on Return of the Curls and Nikkimae was the favorite. After conversing with her a few times, I must say that I KNEW she had to come. Maeling has such an amazing, calming spirit, very humble and her relationship with God was the kicker for me!! :) *Ya'll know how I roll.*

So I am so excited to say that NikkiMae will be at our 1st Annual Holiday Trunk Show as a Co-Host.
The event will be from 2pm - 5pm in Short Pump of Richmond, Va.

We are going to have a GIANT Product Swap - Which is where you bring one or a few of your "gently used products" put them on our swap table, and 'pick  up"a product you have been interested in trying. And its just that simple...PRODUCT SWAP!! Whoo Hooo.
The last time I had an event like this I came home with TONS of stuff that was left over, so prayerfully this guys take everything home...because right now...I am a Product Junkie, who doesn't need any more products.

We will have Hair Products, Clothing, and Jewelry vendors on-site, with lots of holiday discounts and lots of holiday treats on sale as well.

It's going to be a really great time and a chance to hang out with your Curlfriends during the holiday season...and entertain that inner product junkie at the same time.

Tickets for the event are ONLY $5 if you bring a new or used coat, as we are in the process of doing a coat drive for displaced families. We recognize that there are people in the world who may not have a place to live or in need of warm clothing during the winter months, so as a group we wanted to be able to be a blessing.

We ask that you bring nice coats and if you have coats for children PLEASE bring those...PLEASE!
If you are unable to bring a coat then tickets are just $10.

We will have 200 Swag Bags for the FIRST 200 ladies that purchase tickets....and the Bags are being donated by Miss Jessies. (We just received a confirmation of about 6000 samples...yea whoa 6000)

Here's the link for tickets: Richmond Holiday Trunk Show

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