My First Beauty Bar Box

8:17 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

My first Beauty Box has arrived and it is FILLED with amazing stuff.
I shared with you all that I am on a quest to become the very best me possible...and I am starting with jumping into Fashion and Makeup..along with many other things.
As I began to look for makeup tutorials on YouTube I came across a number of reviews for and Birch Box, which is subscription services for beauty products; similar to Curlbox and Curlkit.
Beauty Bar costs $15/month and comes with 5 Deluxe Size sample products as well as a $15 coupon that can be used to purchase any of the items you've received in your box that month. I will say, MOST of these products I have NEVER heard of before, but I know its because I've be sheltered....

Here's a link to my review:
Box was $15 not $20 as I said in the video.
And the value turned out to be over $100!!!
How AWESOME is that?