Keenya Kelly on YouTube

10:56 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Ladies!! I've been a wee bit incognito with regular blogging...I'm sorry...Been extremely Busy!
I've missed just jumping on here and chatting....but with my new life, jumping on is more of a luxury unfortunately. So its Sunday night at 11:50pm (past my bedtime), but I wanted to come on and share with you all about my new YouTube Channel. I've been telling myself for YEARS that I have a terrible sounding voice..I use to think I sounded like a FROG, but I've finally decided that I won't allow my thoughts about my voice keep me from sharing.
Here is one of my recent posts. I was driving home one day, and felt like God was telling me to jump on my channel and share my heart on this subject matter. I didn't have a script or an idea of what I was going to share...I just spoke from the heart.
I pray that this encourages you....


  1. This is excellent!! Many blessings Keenya!!

  2. Praise God!!! Thanks so much girlie!!! The life of a preacher has begun!!! lol