Week 5 of 52 in 52

4:52 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This week we actually did 2 styles due to Return of the Curls being this weekend (July 28).
Here is the 2nd Style for the week
Sorry we didn't get a picture of it from the back, but that was my FAVORITE part.
There were 3 Flat Twists going up the sides of my hair on both sides, which formed into what I called little fingers woven together.
(The picture is kinda random, but its how the back of my hair looked) hahaha
And then a pompadour in the front.
I received soooo many compliments on my hair....I was shocked at how many people, no matter what race or gender really loved that hair do.
Also, I did something I NEVER do...I allowed Daviece to glue in a blonde track in the front of my hair, so that it would appear that I had colored some of my hair.
She really did an amazing job with my hair for the event.

So don't forget...you can find her at Nirvana Salon in Cary Town or call her