Recap of Return of the Curls

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Return of the Curls was nothing short of AMAZING!!!
If you think this picture is fabulous.....this is nothing in comparison to how amazing the show was!!
We had a JAM PACKED schedule of events, which included to amazing Felicia Leatherwood representing Shea Moisture.
We had an amazing Big Chop take place on stage with my stylist Daviece of Nirvana Salon and Courtney Harvey
It was quite the experience for Courtney...when we sat her down on stage..her leg began to shake uncontrollably....I honest was concerned for her....mostly because it was a MAJOR step she was taking in front of about 500 people...but you should've saw her on the runway about 30 minutes after her Big Chop....flawless and confident.
The crowd went WILD for her!!!
Here are a few photos from the Fashion Show....I can't describe what just needed to be there.
Kierra was a part of the Christian Scene...ya'll know I love God so he was definitely getting his glory THAT DAY!!! She wore a I am worth the wait shit...and shes about 6 months pregnant. Once she hit the end of the runway...she rubbed her belly and pointed at her wedding ring...I JUMPED UP!!! YESS
Nina - also known as Beautiful Brown Baby Doll was in the Taming the Beast Scene...
The Fashion Show ended with Ms. word WERK!!!!!!

1000 of our attendees received a gift bag worth about $100 with lots of Full-Size Products and tons of samples....well worth the mere $15 fee they paid for entry.

I've vowed NEVER to host the event ever I can chill out and visit the vendor year...someone else will be on and off stage..might even see if they will let me in the Fashion Show....ehhh maybe not!!!

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