Dressing for Return of the Curls

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So as you all know Return of the Curls took place a little over a week ago here in
Richmond, Va and thanks to God I am all rested up now. So I wanted to take a moment and show you what we came up with for my hair and what to wear.

We started the weekend with Shea Moistures Night Out.
I wanted to go with some bright colors for the weekend to go along with my big personality.
I found this at Ross's for about $13 I believe. It was loose at the top and "very" fitted at the bottom. I figured there shouldn't be very many men at this event..so I wouldn't be hurting anybody as I walk around mingling.
My roommate found a pair of Green earrings I hadn't worn in a few years, I wore an orange bra and exposed one strap that went right with  the dress and some black stilettos.
I honestly thought I looked pretty darn cute.
And as you can see pretty much ALL of us in this picture were oober short except for Janelle...
who isn't a while lot taller. I was just thankful that Felicia Leatherwood was the shortest..
so I felt kinda tall.

For decided to abide by the instruction of the Holy Spirit to wear my
T-Shirt My Boyfriend Loves My Curls
I added an Orange Blazer which was supplied by Style Identity
Earrings by Aloeduri, Jeans by Forever 21 and Shoes were from Guess!!
I only ended up wearing the heels for 1 hour because they hurt and had already messed up my toenail polish!!! LOL
For the Fashion Show I decided to change like Vanna White
I wore these Blue Suede Pumps I purchased the day before from Rumors, Leggins and Shirt from Forever 21 and Earrings yet again by Alodeuri!!! Just in case you didn't know...Alodeuri is amazing.

On Friday night I received the most compliments, because I think people aren't use to seeing my dressed up as well as in fitted clothing...so I think I may have shocked some folks!! LOL

It was a fabulous weekend......wonder what the Lord will hook me up with for the next event.

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  1. Loved your outfits, may I ask where u got the My Boyfriend Loves my Curls tank?