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So....It's been a little while since I have been able to take some time and make my meals from scratch...but I am back in business.
The other day I was working from home and began to rack my brain as to what I was going to eat for lunch that day. I didn't want a Turkey Sandwich, because for some reason I've been eating Turkey Sandwiches with Fresh Spinach, Cheese and Flax Seed in the mornings with either a Clementine or some Mixed Berry apple sauce. Random..I know...but it beats the huge breakfast I use to eat a work.
So I went onto youtube to figure out a new way to make Salmon with ingredients I already had in my kitchen...when I found this video.
His recipe was VERY simple and video wasn't super long and with the salmon I also decided to make the green beans as. I made a slight change to his recipe and included minced tastes amazing!!! OMG!!
I made enough for two meals...just incase you're wondering why I had so much food on my plate.
You all should definitely try this out...VERY good meal, and extremely healthy!