52 in 52

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have seen this style...but for those of you that just follow the blog...you are in for a REAL TREAT!!
I'm sure you all have been informed that this beautiful lady is the new face of Cover Girl Cosmetics.
And this is some of the inspiration we received for this weeks 52  in 52!
Daviece started out by Washing, Conditioning and Deep Conditioning my hair, then she blew out my hair with a blow dryer...now from there is all her. Her hands were just working working working...and if I'm not mistaken I ended up with about 45 pins in my hair!!
 LOL and it was so worth it. 
The style was absolutely Breath Taking, I'm only sad that I had no where to go where I could put on a nice dress and some heels...
Just beautiful work by Daviece...she always amazes me every week that I go in!!
Guess I've got a go to style for a wedding right?!?!

Every girl should have a stylist....I recommend Daviece!!!

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  1. That is sooooo beautiful!! I love it! Wish there was a "Daveice" where i was!! Rock it beautiful! Bc it looks good on you! I'm totally enjoying your blog. ;)