52 in 52

10:32 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Last week I went to see my stylist at Nirvana "Daviece" and we decided we would try shingling!!
What is that? In my words its defining your curls, without doing another style on top of it. 
She washed, and deep conditioned my hair, sectioned it and began to do what you see here in the above video. She used Taliah Waajid's Curling Cream, and sat lifted my roots to help with the length!
Now, my hair texture is different than that above model and my hair is shorter...so what happened to me? SHRINKAGE!!! LOL I knew it was going to happen, because my hair ALWAYS reverts back to a smaller fro....unless something is pulling at my hair....but I thought it came out great. 
My hair had a great hold, but it wasn't to tight of a hold that it was crunchy!!
One of the great things I liked about this style was that working out was a breeze!!!!
 No problems at all....next stop....how to I keep the style the next day?
My bonnet turned it into a little afro!!! LOL