What do you do with straight hair?????????????

7:02 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

As you all know I had  my hair straightened as one of my styles for my 52 in 52 challenge with Daviece. I hadn't taken my hair out of the pin curls in days due to not leaving the house as we are 7 days until Return of the Curls, so I decided to take them out last night since my boyfriend was coming over to hang out. I took all the pins out, shook my head and just waited for him to make it over, it wasn't until I went to the restroom that I was able to full grasp this MAJOR HEAD OF HAIR!!
I felt soooo awkward, like ummm now what am I supposed to do??
Pretty much my whole life, my hair has NEVER be really beyond my ears, and a great portion of my life I was wearing the Halle Berry look. (If you started singing the Ms. Berry song, so did I...even googled the video of her doing the dance LOL)
So to have all of this on my head and not be in a twist out sorta feels like a BC all over again...except its staying on my head!!

What in the world do you all do with your hair when you get blow outs?? I HAVE NO IDEA, and I'm so ready for my Tuesday appointment to wash this out..

Granted my boyfriend loves it. He did a very good job for the most part keeping his hands to himself, but he touched my hair a few times and kept talking about how long it is. So I'm sure he loves it....

With all of this said and done...I'd love your tips on