T-Shirts for Sale

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T-Shirts for Sale at Return of the Curls
So, you know I often blog about my fabulous boyfriend and how he pretty much accepts me as is, and loves my curls...so I decided to make a T-Shirt out of it!!

After asking different people on Social Media their thoughts I decided to go with a Razor Bank Tank top...that way I can wear it whenever and if I want to dress it up....I can.
  We have only ordered 100 of these shirts, so if you are interested you will need to come EARLY!! The shirts will be sold at the Keenya Kelly Booth along with Return of the Curls Bracelets!! (I know...super cute right)

Shirt Price will be $20 Each and Bracelets will be just $1
If you have other suggested ideas for shirts....please shoot them to keenyakelly@gmail.com