One of My Favorite Youtubers

8:02 AM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

I am very excited to finally meet Nina Ellis-Hervey aka Beautiful Brown Baby Doll.
I haven't been following her for a VERY long time, since I am rather new to really sitting down and watching YouTube videos...but when I was introduced to her my immediate thought was 
"WOW She is Feisty." I thought uh oh, the average woman is going to be intimidated by her vs inspired.....but I pray more people receive her than down talk her. 

When I began watching her videos of her dramatic weight loss, her hair growth, and her growth in general as a women/person/professional, I knew that we had to bring her to Richmond, VA. It's amazing what ONE person can do, when they make a decision. 
In my heart I believe Nina has the gift/power to effect millions of people lives by her living hers on purpose and in the open....and my prayer is to give her that audience.

Don't miss her at Return of the Curls

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  1. She is definitely one of my fave youtubers as well! :)