My Banging Twist Out

9:16 PM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

On Tuesday I met with Daviece of Nirvana Salon. I've known Daviece for about 5 years now and never realized she had the gift of styling hair, until recently. We decided that I would come by her salon every tuesday and we would begin a journey of trying new styles each week. Since this was our first encounter she shampooed, conditioned and deep conditioned my hair. We then decided that we would start out with a basic Two-Strand Twist out using a product I've never used before.
Initially when I saw the product I was opposed because I have never used it, but I decided that if I am going to try new things....then I have to be willing to do just that...TRY NEW THINGS!
It took about 2 hours, which is fine because we were chit chatting alot and I decided to leave the salon in twists since I didnt have plans until the next day and voila....this is me today.
I must say that I am VERY happy with my results. My boyfriend complimented my hair twice in a matter of minutes so I'll take that as he liked it...
If you're looking to start a natural journey call Daviece at 516-967-4094 at Nirvana Salon in Richmond, Va!!! Ill have new hair next Tuesday!!!!

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  1. That line of products is really I hear! I've only used one of their products, but I loved it! I can't remember the name of it right now, but it was some kinda oil moisturizer cream stuff. It works really good first thing in the morning when you're trying to make your hair manageable w/out having to use water. I'm gonna have to try the locking gel once my hair grows back.