52 in 52 Weeks - Week 3

7:11 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Curlies!!! I'm at Nirvana Salon....AGAIN!! But GUESS WHAT?????????????????/
We were trying to decide on which style for today while she trimmed my ends and as she began to blow dry my hair, I decided to just get my hair Flat Ironed!! Its been a LONG time since I've gotten my hair trimmed and blown out so why not right???

Products She Used
KeraCare First Lather - Sulfate Free Shampoo
It's a 10 Sulfate Free Shampoo
KeraCare Humecto - Deep Condition
Blow Dry with It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner
Chi - Silk Infusion
After a trim to curly my hair she is using
It's a 10 - Miracle Shine Spray.

As she began to flat iron my hair she noticed that my ends hadn't been trimmed in quite some time and realized that I needed to have about 2 inches cut off......I know YIKES

She said that when you trim your ends you have: Less Tangles which means less breakage and as a result you will retain more of your length. Basically, your hair won't be splitting up the shaft. 
I couldn't believe my EYES!! I've never had hair this long in 31 years!!!!
 And all of this length after I cut off 5 inches last October as a hair model for a friend.
I know I'm slipping. NO LIP GLOSS!!! Terrible!!
Then the unfortunate thing happened. As we all know its not the VERY best idea to get a blowout in the summer months because the humidity will take a toll on your hair and have you curly in 3.5 seconds....well I went into a business that didn't have a/c....and WHOOOOOOSH!!!!! Almost an afro.
But after slapping an ouchless headband on, I came on put on some serum and pin curled my hair!!
I'm sure its going to be just fine when I take it out....I have no outside of the home plans today so I may just leave it pinned  up until tomorrow..
What lesson did I learn yesterday? We can style out own hair at home..BUT you must have a regular stylist for trimming and assessing your hair/scalp...learning that I have dry scalp.....