2 Days Until Return of the Curls - How am I feeling??

6:47 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

 So its 7am on Thursday....2 Days before Return of the Curls....
If I told you I didn't feel a ting of anxiety I would be LYING!!
This is the largest event I have ever organized in my life....and I have been in business conducting seminars, conferences etc..but NEVER one of this magnitude..and although I feel some anxiety I am very EXCITED, GRATEFUL and PRAYERFUL.

I know some of you our there are thinking...."How in the world is she going to pull this off? Who is Keenya Kelly and how in the world is still staying sane...does she REALLY think people are going to show up." But your real thoughts are..."I wish I had the guts to go after my dreams...how in the world did she get the courage to step out on Faith?" Ill answer all of those questions with one word G.O.D.

The one thing I have had my entire life that has sustained me has been God and my FAITH in him. Back in the day, I was operating with the Holy Spirit and on FAITH and I didn't even realize it....I learned a lot in previous businesses, grew a lot..all for this very moment. 

I have a genuine love for people, the spirit of a major risk taker and the faith the size of the Empire State Building. God and I also have a history together, and he has NEVER failed me....so when I was instructed to start up with Return of the Curls, even though I experienced and am experiencing a little bit of anxiety, I felt and feel assured that he is going to come through in a MAJOR now and in the future. 

So ladies....I want to say to you, if you are feeling the unction from God to step out on Faith...take courage, seek wisdom and don't stop until..NEVER!!!


  1. Keenya, I feel very honored to know a woman with SO much crazy faith. I'm taking notes. By pursing your purpose, you give people like myself who are watching the courage to do the same in our own lives. You are an inspiration to me & I want you to know that I am VERY proud of you, Woman of God! Keep obeying God and I know that He will have you to go on and do even greater things for His glory. This is only the beginning of your gift making room.... Love ya. ~Que

  2. Praise God Que!! Its an honor to be used by God...HUMBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement....Im a walking billboard for God...