Weightloss Continued....Sorta

7:33 PM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

Sooo I've been "out of order" going on 4 weeks now!!
I started waking up in the morning at 6:30am to go running and get my quiet time in with God....well one morning I went running and decided to run on these rocks in the park up the road....after a few seconds on the rocks my hip began to hurt...I figured I just needed to chill out because I hadn't been running in some time....but as time went on that day.....I could barely even walk!!!

This went on for about 4 weeks...I just got into my bed and felt a little soreness still.
Have I been to the Doctor yet...No....but a nurse on my weightloss group instructed me to take some aleve and put some heat on the area....My hope is to be back working this week....

In other news...I learned a new way to make salmon and tilapia.
With the salmon I justseasoned it with Salt/Pepper and brushed Red Hot Sweet Chili and baked it for about 10 minutes....I then placed it over top fresh Spinach with a balsamic dressing and some shredded cheese...
Then the other day I made Ranch Tilapia....Ranch Packet, Bread Crumbs and a little oil with some veggies.
Still learning lots of great ways to make healthy meals...without HATING to eat the foods.

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  1. Those both look great I may have to incorporate those recipes this week or next week!!!