Thick Hair

6:50 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

I should've known I was on facebook yesterday and saw this photo
and of course I'm going to do that tonight!! I should've known better because my hair takes about 30 hours to dry...literally but I wanted to try it anyway...mostly because I've got a big meeting tonight and I wanted to be hot...Pride comes before the Fall. LOL
I had church, then a few calls I needed to make so I didnt get into the shower until right about 11...smh. I didn't have the Shea Moisture product so I used leave-in conditioner. My hair is very thick and not extremely long I did a braid out with 6 braids..woke up at 6am and my hair was STILL full of product and water squeezing out.

I've been sitting under this HUGE dryer for about 49 minutes to be exact and it is STILL wet...
Point of this post....Thick hair/Wet hair don't care...Imma make this thang here werk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned...if I don't post after pics...well you know what's  up!!!