Oyin Honey Dew Twist Out

3:26 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

One of my best friends has been bragging about OYIN for too long for me to remember, and because I had never really heard much about it...I thought ahh foey....what does she know?!?! LOL 
But I recently attended the Baltimore Hair Show...and guess who had a table....OYIN. 
I told myself that I would check the products, only so that I would be left alone!! LOL 

I purchased a few of their products but this style was due to their Hair Dew.
The products reminds me initially of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, with its white creamy substance, except the smell is HEAVENLY. Now I love the smell of Carol's Daughter, but this one is very different and I enjoyed every moment of the smell running through the air as I styled my hair. 

My hair was washed early yesterday morning, applied Castor Oil and Shea Moisture Conditioner as a Leave - In...but I just separated my hair into sections, and began taking piece saturating from root to ends with emphasis on my ends. My hair was pretty much dry so I guess this would be considering a dry twist out.

My hair is very soft to touch, my twists are long and I didn't experience very much shrinkage, AND it has the potential of making it to 3 or 4 day hair!!!!
Tomorrow morning I think I am going to untwist them all the way instead of waiting until like day 3 or 4....
So my verdict...I really like this product...and my Product Junkie friend Joi....gets 2 thumbs up...


  1. Lol not the throwback mini chop picture!!n Now this was a funny post! See I told you that Oyin is the business lol! Shout out to Chinelle Smith for her suggestion to me!

    Joi S.

  2. Yeah I really like the product...trying to decide if I should add some Eco Styler to this for the wedding..