The Life of a New CEO

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So I'm sure you all have been following my life over the past few months and you are aware that I recently became Keenya Kelly LLC and founded Return of the Curls, and what a journey it has been so far.
I have been in Sales for a very long time and truly TRULY enjoy working with people, motivating and encouraging people so to do what I am doing now is a breeze...HOWEVER, starting a business is not as easy as people make it seem on television, but Praise God for his provision. 
BUSINESS TIP #1: Make sure GOD is telling you to start your business, and NOW. 
Sometimes we have all these desires to do certain things and so we quit our jobs, don't obtain a job or spend all of our money that is used to pay our normal bills or starting a business that we end up worse off than when we started. So make sure GOD is telling you to go ahead, because with his 
Green Light = FAVOR, because the last thing you want is a failed business that keeps you from trying again.

When going through the process of deciding on Sole Proprietor, LLC, and all the others I must admit I was VERY overwhelmed. I posted so many messages on Facebook asking people for their recommendations and asking for details on those things. When I finally settled on the LLC I was still in the dark, but I figured since God told me to go forth that I would just "jump off the building and grow wings on the way down."
There was one fee for the LLC, then the Articles of Organization, so I just took my time...because like I said...I wasn't going to spend my rent money on starting a business.
 I went to my event planner and pretty much got a MAJOR crash course in starting an LLC, but today I am at the point where I realize I must take some time off from the world, sit down and study everything that I have to understand what is really going on. Not only  because I need to know what I have, but there are legalities I am probably unaware of, the details of an EIN number, my business checking/savings
(money market account) and wha whomp whomp whomp whomp. (Yeah a lot of stuff to learn). 

So today I am writing this because I know there are a number of you with great business ideas and you are ready to jump...but I want to help you...PAUSE SIT BACK AND STUDY. 
Those were VALUABLE words the Holy Spirit gave me back in October before I began this process. I didn't know exactly what it meant, but I kept hearing it over and I said ok. 

Take some time to study up on the different businesses you can own, the cost to start them, how to make sure they are legal and find a good attorney. Praise God for already knowing the Framme Law Firm or
 I might be even more overwhelmed.

I have a lot more to share....but I will say if you are looking to start a business and you want insight be sure to check out my event Return of the Curls on July 28th at the Greater Richmond Convention Center....there will be a professional there teaching a lot of this stuff...and don't hate if you see me in the front row taking notes...I'm no fool...KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!

Stay Tuned for more of The Life of a CEO