Successful Attempt at a Dry Braid Out

4:08 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you know we have crossed a MILESTONE!
I have been trying to create a successful Dry Braid Out for some time now....I always have a hard time with my ends...but it this time it looks like we were able to take care of that. 
I tried the braid out two days in a row so of course my hair was already pretty stretched out!!

This time I applied Tree Natural Leave In Conditioner, Jane Carters Curling Cream, Beautiful Curls Curling Gel and Coconut Oil and Braided my hair. Now I brushed it all through with my Denman Brush. 
The next morning it was a little wet, so I sat under my dryer for about 35 minutes and it was STILL wet!
I un-braided my hair using a little coconut oil to minimize frizz and then VOILA!!!
My hair is extremely moisturized, light, soft to touch and not too oily!!! 
Tree Naturals Leave In Conditioner and Jane Carter Curling Cream NEVER Fail me...EVER

I am still learning how to keep my ends moisturized on day 3 and 4...Ill keep you all updated.
 Tah Dah