My Journey to "Fashion"

9:38 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Like my outfit?? ME TOO
So, for those of you who are just joining need to know I have NO IDEA how to coordinate colors. 
Like...seriously. I love wearing dresses because its one piece and all you have to do is find shoes and jewelry, but over the past few years I decided I would learn how to coordinate. 
So I went to Target(my heaven on earth outside of church) and found this cute little black dress that had the little brown belt attached. Cost me about $8 I think, and I had no idea how I was going to wear it, but knew eventually I would figure it out. I was getting dressed for a baby shower, when I decided I was going to wear this dress. I noticed the brown belt and figured hmmm they must expect me to incorporate brown in this get up..but I don't know how. So I went to google <insert laugh here> and typed in wearing black dress with brown shoes. And I saw a picture of a woman wearing a black dress, brown tights and brown boots....BOOM that was it. 
 From there I decided to try and ad some I picked this cute little green scarf and my favorite earrings I received for my birthday. 
I didn't quite know what to do with my hair, since I was trying out flat I kinda just did whatever I wanted here. 
I know you guys are laughing like...Keenya do you seriously have a problem with coordinating clothes...answer is YES!!! But I am in the process of getting that together.....Watch out now!!! LOL
If you all have any suggestions I'm open.