Exercising and Natural Hair

2:15 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So this is me today...hair is frizzy since I didnt rebraid my hair last night, but I like how BIG it looks!!
But tonight I have Zumba for 60 minutes....
And if you've ever taken a really good Zumba class before you know, that after 60 minutes of that..
it is going to turn into this
Like seriously!!! I've noticed that a lot of women make the excuse to not work out because its going to ruin their hairstyle....I just want to say that I would rather my hair style not hold up vs die an early death due to lack of exercise, high cholesterol..etc. 

Lately, I have been taking a serious look at myself in the mirror...I have TRULY been slacking ALOT! I use to get up every morning, run for 30 minutes, sit ups, shower, eat and then go to work. The past two years I've made soo many excuses and used food as comfort. CRAZY!!! And then once I went natural I started taking such good care of my hair, that I have again been neglecting my body....and I think about some of the women that I encounter and it has begun to bother me about how many excuses I have made and allow my friends to make....(dont worry, I'm not going to preach today). I have just decided that weight isn't going to just go away I have to work it off....I'd like to issue a challenge to you as my readers...email...tell me about your goals and how you are going to get there, and lets do this together.