Early Bird Tickets for Return of the Curls

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Hello Ladies!!
Feeling neglected? Yeah I know...I've got a WHOLE LOT GOING ON!!
Job, losing 45 pounds and Return of the Curls Expo & Fashion Show is like OMG!

So with that...I'll blog on Saturday morning in the WEE hours. 
But for now....
This summer we are going to have a FANTASTIC time at the Greater Richmond Convention Center
There will be an All Day Expo with Live Styling Demonstrations,
Vloggers/Bloggers Galore, Workshops and then that evening a Natural Hair & Fashion Show!!!
We will have all the details for you VERY soon as the website is almost complete...
But I want you all to get your tickets at the discounted price. 

In a FEW days I will announce an Early Bird Ticket Special. 
There will be a VERY SMALL amount of tickets available for purchase and ONLY
those that have plugged in their email addresses will know immediately. 

If you want to be included in that number, at the bottom of my blog you must plug in your email address...
and sit CLOSE to your phone, laptop for the email.

Stay Tuned...LOTS of Majorly exciting news.
Photos by She.Unique Photography

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