CharyJay is coming to Richmond, VA!!!

6:25 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Recognize this face???  She was the winner of the Huetiful Hair Steamer contest they had a little while ago...and she is one of my FAVORITE Vloggers. As you all know I am NOT the best as it pertains to styling my hair, but watching CharyJay I have definitely learned more techniques in a few months than I have learned my 30 years living!!

You all requested live hair demonstrations at the event..well I LISTENED!!!!!

CharyJay will have two models, one who's hair will already have the end result and the other she will style on stage that day....I bet you're wondering who will her models be and how will she select them??? Well I'm glad you asked....If you have 4a,b,c hair we want to hear from you. No disrespect to the 2's and3's, but we want CharyJay to styled hair she is familiar with...such as her own.

If you want to be a model at Return of the Curls, visit us on Facebook and upload pics of your hair stating that you want to be her model......

You can find CharyJay on Youtube at:
Stay Tuned for more updates....July 28, 2012