Sandi Myers Journey

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   How long have you been natural? 2 years; I chopped off my hair in January ‘09!
       What made you decide to go natural? Oh, I could give you at least 4 reasons why I decided to go back to natural!! I went natural for the first time in 2002, and it lasted for 3 years. Boy, did I regret that decision! By summer 2008, I was over it. That would be the last time that I put a relaxer in my hair. Besides, I was tired of all the rules that must be obeyed in order to have straight hair. I was not born with straight hair, and it was time to stop trying so hard!
      What did you do to transition to Natural? The first couple of months, I continued to flat iron my hair every day. Knowing that this caused too much damage, I alternated my style by using sponge rollers (yup, the big pink ones) & deep-conditioned my hair every week. Later, I discovered the YouTube channel “Kimmaytube” & learned the 2-strand twist method! Since my hair was in two textures, I used regular setting lotion instead of Aloe Vera gel which she recommends. I transitioned for 8 months…the straight hair had to go!
      Why did you opt out of the Big Chop? Oh…I didn’t opt out…I chopped it off all by myself!! J I wanted to have a teeny-weeny afro. Not going to lie; it was a shock at first & I remember crying after doing it. But I sent a picture to my mom & she said I looked beautiful. After that, I felt so much better. YAY for moms!
      What did and do your friends and family think about you going natural? At first they weren’t too thrilled about it. The typical questions were, “Why are you going to cut off your nice hair?” or “Why do you want to have short hair? Why do you want a ‘fro? Your hair is long & pretty now.” But now, they can’t stop talking about my “nice & healthy” hair!! My sister is transitioning to it, and hopefully someday I will be able to finally convince my mom. 
      Did it matter to you? It did and it didn’t. It did because I value my family & their opinions. Their comments would hurt, but I knew that this was something I had to do for myself and no-one else. On the other hand, it didn’t matter. I knew how important this would be for my overall health & well-being.
       Have you ever had self esteem issues? I would be lying if I said “no”! We all do, regardless of ethnicity, background or gender. I overcome self-esteem issues through the love of family & friends, but most of all through praying to God!
      A lot of women battle with needing to be light-skinned with long hair....have you ever had that issue? Ha! No. I don’t think about my “lighter” shade until someone reminds me. I LOVE both short & long hair. I have had a super-duper short ‘fro to hair down my back. It is all about having confidence, no matter what skin you’re in.
      Do you have any challenges in your professional environment with your natural hair? Umm…no. Well, I guess the only challenge has been to keep curious fingers from touching my hair! That never happened when my hair was straight.
  What have men said to you about your hair? There have been mixed reviews. A couple of men have actually said that they do not like my natural. However, most men like my hair. Complete strangers have gone out of their way to compliment me because of my hair. That is so flattering.
  What's your favorite thing about being natural? That I can wear lots of fun styles without putting so much heat to it.
   Least Favorite thing? That it gets frizzy very quickly. It’s a pain but I work with it.

  What products have you been trying out on your hair? That’s a loaded question! Here we go: Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Aveda products, unrefined Shea butter, Aloe Vera gel, different types of oil.

What's your Favorite? For twist styles, I love Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter. It is full of good ingredients (coconut oil, Shea butter, etc.), keeps the style looking great and a little goes a long way. I also like the Kinky Curly Knot Today hair detangle. It leaves my hair tangle-free and shiny.
  Least Favorite? You have to be living in a place that has tropical weather year-round to use the Kinky Curly Curling Custard! It will leave little white flakes in the hair if not applied while soaking wet. You can’t touch your hair after applying it, and the hair must be air-dried. Who has time for that?!

  What's your hair type? A mixture of Types 4a-c. Sorry, but I’m not really sure!
 How often do you deep condition your hair? I use a leave-in conditioner every week.
a.      What do you use? During the colder months, I have been using Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment. My thick hair is incredibly dry in the winter and this is so worth the cost. Again, a little goes a long way! During the warmer months, I use Kinky Curly Knot Today. Gotta keep it simple. ;)
  What is your weekly regimen? It varies, depending on my mood. But here are the basics: shampoo, condition, leave-in conditioner, add oil (I use argon oil) to hair while wet, add whatever product for 2-strand twist style (CD’s Loc Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, again…whatever works), let it dry and voila…my hair is done.
  What would you say to someone considering going natural or one struggling with their natural hair?  Remember, you are doing this for your overall health. Learning how to care for your hair helps you to understand so much about yourself. You will be frustrated at times during this transition stage…but you are also frustrated with using a hair relaxer. DON’T GIVE UP. If your friends or family don’t support you, get the love from people online. Read blogs about natural hair but don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information. This is all about you…embrace it! J

  Any final comments: Keenya, thank you so much for inviting me to post on your blog. If this small article can inspire at least one woman to go natural or stay on track, then this post has served its purpose!


  1. Hey Sandi!!!!!! I instantly recognized your pic when the article showed in my FB newsfeed! Your natural tresses are FABULOUS!!! Thanks for being my mentor during and after my transition!!!

    Blessings & Hugs,
    Mary "Cree"

  2. MARY!!! It's so great to see you on here. Keenya asked me about an article after posting the first pic on FB yesterday. Thanks for the compliments! We have supported each other since the beginning, and for that I am thankful! :)

    God Bless,