Random Hair Style

8:51 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So today was Day  of my Miss Jessie's Twist out....and it still looked ok, but for SOME reason I decided I was tired of it....Don't know what I was thinking...honestly. 
But I decided to try putting my hair in a bun, but remembered it makes me have headaches, because I usually make them ponytail too tight. From there I decided to do a puff with bangs
I put 8 Two Strand Twists in my hair using Shea Moisture Hair Milk and untwisted after about 8 hours. 
Personally, I thought my hair was going to look hideous, but hey..I had to go to work...when I looked in the mirrow, I realized it didn't look 1/2 bad...so I figured I'd post it...just because