My Blue Headband

9:18 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Over the weekend I hosted an event at Charming Charlie for about 35 Natural Ladies in the Richmond, VA to come. We had an amazingly fantastic time and received 20% off of our entire purchase. The amazing thing was their clearance section was Buy ONE Get TWO FREE! Never heard of that before, but I need to go back this weekend and see what is left over. 
I settle on this cute little headband, because one of the ladies had a similar one in her hair, and I found it to be very I figured....ummmm lemme give that a try. The cost was only $3, but it really had a neat effect on my Wash and Go yesterday. Not to mention during Zumba class yesterday one of the instructors complimented my head band...LOVE IT! 

FYI: If you're looking to have a party for a few friends of just shopping and want that Celebrity-Type Treatment....go to your nearest Charming Charlie. They re-open the store after hours, provide snacks and beverages, offer a discount and your friends will love it!!!