Miss Jessie Baby Butter Cream

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Soooo I finally decided to try Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Cream. Not because I'm Anti-Miss Jessie's but due to the price of a small bottle...while I am all about starting businesses and making a profit....this product sorta "busts heads wide open" if you know what I mean. But thank God I got a few samples and I decided to try it out.

I washed my hair like normal and immediately after washing I immediately put Castor Oil And Traders Joes Nourishing Spa Conditioner as my leave in. I haven't given up on Giovanni, but Nourishing spa has almost the same ingredients and costs less..so Keenya Kelly is a fan.
I have never truly been bothered by shrinkage....until now. I've been natural over 2  years and I keep expecting my hair to fall....and its taking a little while for this transition to take place.....check me out BEFORE Major Shrinkage
Usually a few moments later....I have a small fro....END VENT

Ok I'm back! :) I put my hair in 4 sections and did small two strand twists. If you've been following the blog you have seen some of my twists, this time I did them a little bit smaller for better definition, but mostly because I had some time on my hands while watching a movie. 
I untwisted my hair about 18 hours later and here were the results. 
 Day 1
Day 2
 Day 3
Day 4
Even on Day 4 which is today my hair still looks really good. It has some frizziness in the front, but it still looks very good....I'm not wearing lip gloss as I type...which is why I'm not posting a picture of my face...and I need my eyebrows waxed!!! *Protecting my image*