Maple Glazed Salmon, Honey Roasted Potatoes, & Parmesan Roasted Green Beans

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 For those of you that know me, you know that I believe in eating healthy, working out and caring for yourself....but I don't think that eating should be boring. 
So I have been on a quest to learn lots of new recipes that are not only good for me, but also taste good. 
Nowadays I pretty much get all of my recipes from and none of them have failed me yet. 
Saturday I decided to take the day to stay in the house and get lots of things accomplished and make a really tastey I decidedd on Maple Glazed Salmon, Roasted Parmesan Green Beans and Honey Roasted Potatoes. Ill start by saying, the BEST thing on this plate is the Salmon...OMG. I tasted the first bite and was sent into a wonderland of flavors. I love how every bite was filled with flavor, fun and surprise...but that I wasn't full of grease and fat. 2d fav was the Parmesan Green Beans. I usually make these in a skillet with sauteed onions, but I decided to try out this was pretty good but I DEFINITELY missed my sauteed onions. So I recommend you cut up an onion and bake it with the green beans. I always add Krazy Janes seasoning to my green beans....just does something extra to it.
Final item were the Honey Roasted Potatoes...they were REALLY good. I was surprised by the Dry Mustard and Honey mixture...the taste wasn't strong or overpowering....I actually wish I would have made some extra for dipping, but I'm glad I didn't because that would have been extra stuff I don't need!!

I loved EVERY item on my plate..I did a good job and didn't eat an extra helping...
If you're interested in a really tasty meal, you must check this out and make it for yourself and your family. 

Green Beans: