Keenya Kelly as an LLC

8:44 AM Keenya Kelly 5 Comments

I must say that I am truly proud of myself and thankful to God. 
I have started Keenya Kelly LLC. 
I must be honest, I was nervous embarking upon this journey...
Crazy thing is I wasn't nervous about the process of establishing myself as an LLC, but I was nervous about what it is going to become. 
See the thing is, I've had lots of success in business in the past. I worked with a company called Prepaid Legal Services, hit the top of the company within 8 months, spoke to over 15,000 people at one time and we had a world class organization...but then came PRIDE. 
And if you read the bible you know that Pride comes before a fall....I went from making about $5,000/month at 22 years old to almost $0. I lost my car, evicted from my apartment and had to move into my nephews room at my sisters house, because I had no place to live and no money....but Glory to God for his grace, mercy and a chance to try again. As I started, the journey for my LLC I started to pray; God please keep me from becoming prideful, please surround me with YOUR people...people that I can truly confide in, people that will never let me run into a brick wall...and overnight God began to do that....
I've got alot of different business ideas and I look forward to accomplishing them one by one....


  1. Tear! Such a blessed story!!!! Glory to God for His Grace, Mercy, and HALLELUJAH - HIS RESTORATION!!!!

  2. Good For you...I look forward to following your success story as I live my own.

    Toya Y. Moore
    Nprogress Consulting, LLC

  3. This is such a blessing!! Congrats girl!!

  4. Praise God Everyone!! I am definitely not ashamed of my past because my future is SOOOO much brighter ya know!! I'm just thankful for a God that is a God of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 250,000th chance ya know!!!

    I look forward to serving and bringing honor to his name in Business since I am not called to the 4 walls of the church!!

  5. Again, congratulations Keenya! This is a big step and I am so proud of the direction you are going. Keep pushing forward lady!!!!!

    Joi S.